Private DSO – Operational Inefficiencies


A private DSO was experiencing challenges with low patient bookings, high operational costs, high staff turnover, and poor staff attendance rates. The clinic was struggling to attract new patients, and their existing patients were not showing up for their appointments, resulting in significant financial losses. The clinic was also spending a considerable amount on staffing and administrative costs, which was putting a strain on their finances.


The organization sought a Fractional CMO to help them achieve their goals. DSO Marketing Xcelerator conducted a comprehensive analysis of the DSO’s operations, identified the challenges they were facing, and proposed a series of solutions to address them.


The first step was to redesign the clinic’s website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. The agency optimized the website for search engines, ensuring that potential patients could easily find the clinic online.


The Fractional CMO working with the in house marketing team launched an online marketing campaign, targeting potential patients through social media, search engines, and other online channels. The campaign was designed to highlight the clinic’s unique selling points, such as their expertise, high-quality care, and personalized approach.


To reduce operational costs, the agency implemented a series of automation tools and software solutions to streamline the clinic’s administrative processes. This included automating appointment scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks, reducing the need for manual labor.


DSO Fractional Xcelerator also worked with the management team to improve call center employee satisfaction, reducing staff turnover. The CMO implemented a series of employee engagement initiatives, such as training programs, recognition schemes, and employee feedback sessions.


Finally, the agency implemented a patient engagement program to improve attendance rates. The program involved sending patients reminders of their appointments via email, and text messages, as well as offering incentives for booking their appointments online.


The DSO saw significant improvements in all areas following the implementation of the new strategic marketing plan. They experienced a 59% increase in new patient bookings, reducing the cost of patient acquisition by 43%. Staff turnover was reduced by 32%, and attendance rates improved by 39%.

The improvements in patient bookings and attendance rates led to a significant increase in revenue, allowing the DSO to invest in additional marketing campaigns, equipment, and staff. The reduction in staff turnover and operational costs also resulted in significant cost savings, improving the clinic’s overall financial performance.