All-On-Four patient acquisitions for a DSO


The All-On-Four (AO4) teeth replacement is a popular dental procedure gaining significant attention in recent years. A DSO focusing on All-On-Four cases was buying patient leads from a third-party supplier and spent close to half a million dollars on potential leads to book patients. Although this strategy was initially effective, it became financially unsustainable for the DSO since it grew to absorb over 25% of its monthly revenue.
While the leads were prescreened, they resulted in about a 65% booking rate and on average 50% showed for their appointment. Even after showing up for their free exam and consultation only about 7% closed. All AO4 cases can generate over $25K per patient revenue but those patients frequently require some type of financing options. The economic conditions have changed since early 2022 with rising interest rates and fewer AO4 patients meeting the approval criteria of lenders.



We developed a better cost-effective marketing strategy by creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in a new PPC campaign. The money was pulled away from the 3rd party lead generator over a few months, so we could refocus on our in-house digital marketing campaigns (PPC) to attract new AO4 patients. By developing a look alike targeting campaign, we mirrored the personas from the third party leads then optimized our campaign for similarity based on a financially approved cohort.


We saw a 53% improvement in ROI over a 12-month period. The organization also increased its revenue by 38% and improved profit margins 48 % in 6 months. The executive team was happy with the results, and we moved on to do other types of PPC campaigns that saw overall marketing cost drop and new patient acquisitions grow.