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Welcome to DSO Marketing XceleratorTM

Revolutionary Fractional CMO services for Dental Service Organizations and Private Equity Groups. We understand marketing is a crucial component of any successful business, and DSOs are no exception. A well-crafted marketing strategy can help drive growth and Xcel your business in a highly competitive marketplace.

However, hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer can be expensive, especially for smaller DSOs with constrained resources. That’s where our Fractional CMO services come in.

DSO Marketing XceleratorTM Features

DSO Marketing Xcelerator provides a unique value proposition for clients seeking customized Fractional CMO services tailored to their DSO group’s specific needs. Our team possesses extensive marketing expertise, enabling us to comprehend the challenges and opportunities that DSOs encounter. We embed ourselves within your leadership team to gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives, which enables us to create innovative and impactful marketing strategies to drive growth for your organization. The marketing strategies we develop will align with your business goals and objectives, and we have the experience to focus on all aspects of marketing, including:

Marketing Strategy Creation/Execution
Data analytics
Building and developing a marketing department
Marketing Program Execution
KPI development and tracking
Mentoring for marketing team members
Budget development and implementation
Managing outside vendors
Call Center management and oversight

Fractional CMO Services Offered


Cost-Effective Solution

Instead of hiring a full-time CMO, hire a Fractional CMO and invest the extra money in less expensive marketing team members.


Expertise and Knowledge

A Fractional CMO is an experienced marketing executive who understands how to be accountable to the C-suite and is driven to oversee execution for delivery of strong business results.


Flexible Engagement Model

We offer a flexible engagement model allowing you to choose the level of support and time needed, from strategic planning to tactical implementation and save money.


Business Insight and Strategy

Our Fractional CMO team members have the background and insight to see how all pieces of the business work together leveraging internal departmental relationships to help strengthen strategic execution, company culture, and grow revenue profitably.

Don’t let a lack of marketing expertise hold your DSO organization back. Contact us today to learn more about how our Fractional CMO services can save you money and help you achieve greater marketing success.
Take action now and experience the benefits of DSO Marketing Xcelerator Fractional CMO services.

Marc Heffner is the founding partner of DSO Marketing Xcelerator and is a Fractional CMO in the DSO vertical.  Through developing strong marketing teams and introducing new technology platforms needed to achieve ambitious goals, Marc creates growth opportunities for private equity firms working in the healthcare space and self-funded growing practices willing to invest in their future. 

  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Over $1 Billion in Revenue
  • Fortune 500 Experience